Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo 30 of 30

30 of 30, People.

This month went by FAST.

The boys have been saying that the year is going by too fast for them. They just hit the first trimester ending point before Thanksgiving, and are amazed that the year is one-third over. They are not happy about it - they feel like they have lost all those days and can never get them back and where is the time going anyway? I told them they aren't allowed to think that way until they are adults.

Lately time has been a bit fuzzy for me. I seriously have to stop and analyze my life in detail to remember how long we have lived in this townhouse, how long we have had Choco, how long I have been doing freelance work. One might think that all these changes would be permanently affixed in my brain (a 'before - after' kind of thing) but one would be surprised by the inability of my brain to keep it all straight.
Now I am in a bit of a pre-post-holiday slump. Yesterday driving home the boys & I talked about putting up our tree today. And you may remember I said I was in the holiday mood after seeing A Christmas Carol. But today, energy and good cheer seem to have left me. And I even came home to a clean house! Which normally should keep me quite happy. I think it's partly that up at my folks' I didn't have to do anything; was truly away from real life, and now I'm back and I have a list of things To. Do. Like coming home from a long vacation. At least I did laundry up there before we left.
And I successfully completed NaBloPoMo. In fact, I am such an over-achiever (at times) that this is actually my 47th post in November. I don't know if I should say that with pride or embarrassment.
Ah, it is what it is.
Tomorrow - December!!!

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