Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December!

New month, new look!

I am feeling quite virtuous and efficient right now. I just planned menus for just over half of the coming month, and then went online and ordered all the groceries needed (except for produce that needs to be fresh the day it will be used.) It's my first time using the new Coborn's Delivers - the new Simon - and I am hopeful all will go well. I also hope that my energetic enthusiasm for cooking which is high today will not wane too quickly ...

On the menu (I told the boys yesterday that we are going to try some new recipes and they WILL be cheerful about it. They agreed. Either they are maturing, or I scared 'em.)

And more ... I will try to remember to take photos and post our opinions - maybe we'll set up a whole rating/judging system like on Iron Chef or something. The boys will like that.

The one thing I have not started planning for is COOKIES.

That will have to come next.


shawn said...

I am impressed!!! If only I could do that..

Mama Ava said...

I shopped like that all the time in the States. I had 45 meals and all the ingredients on a sheet so I just circled the meals and then the ingredients. So fast, so easy, so much more economical--pair with non-impulse shopping and you've got a winner.

I always try to pair foods my kids don't like with ones they do so there's always something on the table. They don't like soups, so I always serve fruit and bread, often with ham slices. If I want them to eat a new vegetable, it's served with sloppy joes or something like that. Cauliflower, for example, never appears next to beef stroganoff (which we often make with hamburger).

Karen ~ said...

Did I tell you we had cauliflower with the stroganoff tonight or are you just psychic?!?

(my kids both like it)

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