Friday, November 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo 7 of 30

So I just signed up for Facebook. (Carla told me I should.)
I am so not understanding the appeal yet, but maybe it will come to me since millions of people can't be wrong, right?
You can find me there as MNKaren (at least that's what I think you can find me as? The email I used is - created just for Facebook so I can see if anything weird happens in my inbox. (Paranoid? Maybe just a bit.) And I used this photo of myself, from back when I was actually doing Tae Kwon Do. (just so you'll recognize me over there.) (and because my neck looks skinny.)
I feel so middle-school-pathetically alone every time I see "Karen has no friends" so please 'friend me' (is that the way you say it? Aack, a whole new jargon I have to learn. I feel old.)

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Mama Ava said...

Silly you. I recommended my friends that you know. If you go to search for friends you can put in their name and whatever info you know about them and it'll pop up if they have facebook. then you send them an "i want to be your friend" notification and then they'll add you. THEN you'll get pictures on the sidebar of people that are linked to your friends and if you know them then you can link to them so it grows like a web.

jessica and rob, for example, are on facebook. you can look them up and link to them if they accept you. you have TONS of friends. you'll be fine.

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