Monday, November 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo 3 of 30 9:33 PM

Well, I am about to head to bed. I made it through the day only spending about 4 hours online reading any/everything election-related ... no, probably not really 4 hours. I am not permanently affixed into my chair, nor is there a permanent indentation in the chair cushion in the exact shape of my "lean, muscular and feminine" behind (I am liking this Supergirl thing. A girl can dream. And compared to, say, Barney the Dinosaur, it's true.)

I answered two GOTV calls this evening, and chatted with some door knockers who were reminding me to vote - everyone was very cheerful and upbeat on all counts (both major parties were represented throughout the evening!)

I am very curious what the lines will be like tomorrow. I have been thinking about what time is the best time to go to minimize my wait. I am going to try 10:45, hoping the "before work" crowd will be through and the "vote on the lunch hour" crowd won't have arrived yet. Four years ago I voted absentee - I don't remember why, but I was not available on election day. Eight years ago I did wait in line - I remember, but only for about an hour. That was when Ty was only 3 and he kept saying "vote for Dad for president!" He was with me and he charmed those in line around us.

My biggest hope for tomorrow (and really, it is my biggest hope - well, maybe TIED for biggest hope - because if it doesn't happen, my other biggest hope may not happen either) is that there are no reports of irregularity with any voting anywhere in the country. Hopefully all the glitches will be worked out and problems will be solved and people will be extra-special-careful, and all will go smoothly.

Twenty-four hours from right now I will be sitting here, channel surfing, refreshing my internet screen, and waiting .... waiting ..... waiting ..... waiting .....

On that cheery note I am going to bed. See you all in the morning.

And PS: do I get extra prize points in NaBloPoMo for already writing 8 posts and it's only November 3rd?

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