Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo 15 of 30 -- HALFWAY!

Occasionally when I am in the car on Saturdays I catch a radio program called the Shop Girls. It's two hours devoted to shopping.

Now, I am not a shopper. Never have been. I like buying gifts for other people but hate buying things - especially clothes - for myself. (You might recall my earlier post about the state of my wardrobe.) And I know there are a lot of people who love shopping and who also always look really, really nice.

But seriously, the money spent? Without batting an eyelash? Today the Shop Girls were raving about a store in Wayzata that has "really great, colorful bags" starting at only $200. When someone asked "how can stores charge $200 for a bag?" the answer was "because they can." Translation: because a LOT of people happily pay that amount.

I think I once spent $70 on a purse and felt guilty about it all season, and I still have that purse many years later. I don't actually use it but I feel like I should keep it anyway.

I find really cute "bags" (apparently I am out of date, still referring to them as purses) at Target, Sears, Marshall's .... I get a lot of compliments on them and I balk at paying more than $25. Really, it has to be really something special to make me pay more than $14.99.

I just can't imagine feeling fine about spending $200+ on a bag. Yet many people do. Will wonders never cease?


Dawn said...

My sister wants to spend $150 for a 2nd hand Coach purse.....I told her just to go for a cheaper knock off version and she won't feel guilty when she drops it after a season for a new one...

shawn said...

Can you say Fun Sisters???

Mama Ava said...

Can you say BEIJING?!

Mama Ava said...

I think that some of the people who can spend $200+ on a bag are people for whom that price is our $19.99 or whatever. Sure, there are some people who way overspend because they feel they need a label for whatever reason, but there are people that can spend that and not blink within their budget.

I spend a certain sum on a purse once. I gave it away to someone who had done many thousands of wonderful things for me. So it was definitely worth it.

That person should know I will envy her every single time I will see that purse. Because, of course, I couldn't justify spending that on MYSELF! :-)

Karen ~ said...

LOL - see, I could do that, too! I could spend $200 on a bag for SOMEONE ELSE if I knew it was the absolutely perfect gift!

(And I am 100% certain that the recipient of that bag you gave away, Carla, is suitably grateful and thinks of you with GREAT fondness every time said bag is seen and used!)

Mama Ava said...

hee hee hee

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