Friday, November 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo 28 of 30

Black Friday. That great American tradition. I wasn't going to participate this year, but the ads were suitably enticing ... so at 5:30 this morning, Grandma, Ben & I headed out (the stars were magnificent up here, away from the light pollution of the city) and went to Target, where we joined all of Duluth and a few hundred Wisconsinites and an Ontarian or two in a shopping spree.

Actually it was really fun. Everyone was cheery and smiling and we got all the bargains we went for. We picked up a few extra things for Toys for Tots, and then headed back home - we got to see the sunrise on the drive back, and were home again before all the rest of the family was even out of bed.

Now I'm tired!

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shawn said...

WHAT??? YOU ONLY WENT TO TARGET??? WHAT??? No staying out to get into people's way?? NO having lunch at some fun place.. which the service sucks at now?? No looking at things thinking why would anyone WANT that?? JUST TARGET???

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