Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was seriously beginning to think this day would never come.

Congratulations, Senator Franken!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Job Hunting

Hey all ... for the past few weeks I have been seriously job hunting. I figured out that this "no freelance clients = no income" gig I have had going for the past 6 weeks is not a good long-term strategy for life. Who knew?

I have been doing freelance work since the divorce, so about 2 1/2 years, and it has been absolutely perfect. I started it so that I could be with the boys whenever and wherever they needed it, with total control over my schedule. Clients magically appeared, projects were fun and interesting, money was great, life was good! Then, recently, that all changed. Clients stopped calling as they struggled to keep their businesses afloat - who has money for outside freelancers? And I found myself less and less interested in seeking out new clients. What I started longing for was a job that I could drive to, work at, leave, and not think about until I drove back again. Something that would not consume my weekends and evenings and something that would give me days off.

Coincidentally this started around the same time as I was developing another interest to fill all those other hours. Hmmm ....

Anywho. I have kept my RN license current lo, all these many years, for situations exactly such as this. I dusted it off, updated my resume, and, through the wonders of Craig's List and the MN Council of Nonprofits, I found oodles of jobs online, and sent off my most beguiling cover letters and resumes to about a dozen different places.

Two responded. Two. What is this world coming to where they can't even email a note that says my application was received? Geesh. I know, from talking with many others, that this is just the way things are these days. But still. Talk about frustrating.

So one of those who responded eventually turned into an interview, and then another interview, and news that I was one of two finalists and she really wanted to hire us both but just couldn't ..... and then I heard that she chose the other finalist.

But. In the meantime, I had also applied for a position at Planned Parenthood, but was told that the position was already offered to someone else. So my timing was lousy. But - then just last week I applied for a different position with PP, and they told me that the nurse hired for the position I initially wanted didn't work out, so now that was open, too. So I went for an interview on Tuesday of this week, then back for a second one on Wednesday this week, and I have to meet one more person and (hopefully) impress the heck out of her, too, in order to be offered the position that I want. They are already doing a background check on me, which, I was told, they do "on all our new employees." Not "all our prospective employees."

I am so very excited about this job. It is perfect for me. I have learned over the years (thankfully I have learned something!) that it's important for me to have my professional life in sync with my personal life. This is why I have devoted most of my professional life to non-profit work. The mission, the cause - they have to mesh with my personal beliefs and values.

And ... once I have steady income, house-hunting can start again in full force!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain-kissed Flowers

I am not much of a photographer. Brian, on the other hand, is. Here are my poor little deck flowers after three days of rain. He makes them look magical!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Updates ...

Thought I would share a few updates, even though I don't really have any news. I am just proceeding on the assumption that you all care, regardless, and would like to know what's going on. If that's not the case, just skip over this entry :-)

ISSUE #1: Housing -- nothing to tell. No offers on my townhouse, and I am holding off looking at other houses to buy until this one is sold (or until I get a real job, see below). I do still look online occasionally at what's out there, but I am done playing games (even though I never entered the world of real estate with the intent of playing games, seems that's what the sellers and mortgage bankers I have met are wanting to do. Pooh on them.) (Except for the folks at Rescue Mortgage. THEY ROCK!!!)

ISSUE #2: Job -- I am applying for nursing jobs, had a great interview last week and then went back for a second interview as one of two finalists, but ultimately they chose the other person. Boo. But I am back to searching and sending out resumes, and with advice from some friends as to where to find a variety of job postings, am feeling pretty hopeful that something will pop soon. Which is good, as I am pretty broke. Once I have a job it will be easier to buy a house, too (imagine that?!) so I can start pursuing that first issue again.

Otherwise ... not much to report on. Kids are done with school today, YAY, personal life continues to develop nicely, YAY, dogs are fine and fun, YAY.

Weather sucks. BOO.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Appreciating Nature

Yesterday we took a walk along the Minnesota River, and it made me pause and think about how much I appreciate my city's preservation of natural areas. We have so many parks and trails and places to be outside (including the dog park, my most frequented park in town!) and it makes for a good life.
I love the trail rules! I like the author's perspective and attitude:
I am not much of a photographer but tried to capture a flower shot ...
And interesting tree roots ...

Throwing rocks into the water ...

Pesky, but still beautiful ~
This last picture is actually from a different park, not the river, but we visited this park the same day as the river so I wanted to include it anyway.