Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo 14 of 30

I have had a hard time finding my muse today. Some days I could post 4 times. Today, I admit it -- I am really only here because I want to keep my blog in the running for a prize.

So I started a blog about an issue which is pretty controversial these days ... I started writing it in a Word document so I could edit it easily and work on it until it expressed my point of view in the best way I could manage.

I reached 5000 characters and I wasn't done, and I realized no one would ever read it. Or comment on it. And frankly, most of you know what I think anyway.

So instead I am copping out.

In about an hour I should hear if Ty has Whooping Cough. An amusing (well, in a sick way, amusing) (ha ha, in a "sick" way, get it? Seriously, no pun intended there) aside - if you, perchance, are wondering what the Whooping Cough sounds like, you can go here and listen. Just click on the links on the right-hand side of the page. Ty sounds like the non-whooping whooping cough kid.

And now, just for fun, because I am fun like that, I'm throwing in a picture by one of my favorite artists, John James Audubon, of a Whooping Crane.
PS: Tomorrow I get to go to the Guthrie to see Shadowlands. I can't wait!


shawn said...

well.. update!!! does he have it or not??

Karen ~ said...

Did not receive a call before the clinic closed tonight which means the results came in too late - so I will be calling first thing in the morning.

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