Saturday, November 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo 22 of 30

I'm tired and busy and worried I will forget to post later and thereby forfeit my place in the running for prizes ... so you get this:I was 10, my brother 13, I am holding family pet Pepper (mini schnauzer) and we are standing with my mom at our house in Charlotte, NC, where we lived for only about 5 months. (having moved from Greensboro and then to Bloomington. Busy year.) (And I am currently 15 years older than my mom was in this photo. Yikes.) (And I remember that dress SO well. I loved-loved-loved it. It made me feel so pretty!) (I keep remembering things as I post this and then coming back an adding them. Each parenthetical addition represents me coming back to edit the post with just one more thought. In case you were wondering.) (That house in Charlotte had bright aqua formica countertops in the kitchen. Truly the most beautiful kitchen in. the. world. to my 10-year old eyes.)

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