Monday, November 17, 2008

NaBloPoMo 17 of 30 I'm a Special K

Somehow I think I am missing out on one important concept when it comes to weightloss. I occasionally find myself watching "The Biggest Loser" on Tuesday evenings when the boys are with their dad. I actually, in the spirit of honesty, occasionally find myself eating dinner in front of the TV on Tuesdays when The Biggest Loser comes on. I sit and watch these people work themselves until they (sometimes literally) drop, and I carefully use my spoon to catch up every last drop of chocolate syrup in my ice cream bowl.

Just now, I was reheating some leftover soup for my lunch, and the box of cereal I had a bowl from for breakfast was still sitting out on the counter. It's Special K (vanilla almond flavor - very nummy) and on the back of the box they talk about the Special K challenge, where they say you can lose a jean size in two weeks. Hmm, I thought as I munched on the brownie which was also leftover from last night, hmm, I would LIKE to lose a jean size. Yes, I would. As I took another brownie (they are cut really small) I thought, I could do this - eat Special K for breakfast and lunch, and a regular dinner, with Special K bars for snacks.

See, I rarely have a problem with my meals. I eat healthy portion-sizes, I eat lo- or non-fat items, I buy organic and I get my beef from a local farmer.

It's all that OTHER stuff I eat that is the problem. Yeah, I can eat the Special K meals. And I can eat the Special K bars as my approved snack. But who is going to wrestle the brownies out of my hands between meals, or the chips and salsa at bedtime, or the Halloween candy the kids don't like?
I grapple with my identity ... am I Special K or am I the Biggest Loser?!

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shawn said...

well... there are those Special K bars that you make too.. those really yummy ones that I am sure are on no diet...
AND, if you really needed someone to come over and rid you of the brownies, I guess I could force myself to do that.. Hey what are friends for??
And why couldn't you be a Special Biggest loser?? Why do you have to be one or the other???

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