Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo 11 of 30

I am so not feeling inspired today. In fact, all I am feeling is tired. I just took a catnap right here sitting at my computer. Never done that before. (Seriously - I have rested, alright, but actually slept? Sitting up in front of the computer?)

I drove the boys to school this morning and then stopped to get gas as later I am meeting Calandria for lunch.

I filled the car for $21.

I was in shock - happy shock - but shock. When did gas get so cheap again?

Gotta go get ready for lunch :-) Now that I am all rested and all. But I got my blogging done for the day. Phew.


Calandria said...

It was great to hang out and chat!

Calandria said...

Oh, and I do want to see that 8th grade reading list.

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