Wednesday, November 05, 2008

NaBloPoMo 5 of 40 12:53 AM

History is made.

History is made.

Yes, We Can. Yes, WE DID.

I just can't even say anything else tonight.

Tonight, history is made.

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Mama Ava said...

You know, my desire to see Obama win really overshadowed the issue of an African-American winning. When I finally saw that he had won, I was relieved but still really didn't think about, even when they announced "the first Af/Am President." Then I saw Jesse Jackson crying. And heard Oprah saying that no matter what she had been raised to believe, she never imagined that she'd be able to see this herself. And THEN it hit me. Wow. And then I thought about what it must be like to realize the kinds of hopes and dreams you bear for so many people, how you stand up there as the realization of over 150 years of history. Wow.

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