Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I'm listening to

You might remember during NaBloPoMo I watched the movie Once, and in my comments about it I mentioned I might actually get the soundtrack. Which, if you know me at all, you know is totally out of character. Music? I never pay money for it. Other than Christmas CDs. Can't have too many of those.

But yesterday I was at B&N, buying a book on CD for my former in-laws for Christmas (I always give them something to listen to on their drive to Arizona which starts December 26) and as I wandered the aisles, I heard a song which instantly took me back to the movie.

But. By the time I made my way to the music department, the song was over and a holiday tune was playing. Clearly not the same CD. So I couldn't go up to the cashier's counter and see the "What's playing NOW" CD case.

No problem, I would just go find the soundtrack section ... um, there isn't one. How about Show Tunes? Somehow that puts a picture of A Chorus Line or Phantom into my head, but no, there are movies here, too.

Now I just have to remember the name of the movie. I loved the movie, saw it less than a month ago. I know it's one word. It's set in Ireland, we never find out their names. I can sing the lyrics. Well, at least some of them. But the name????? No clue.

The only clerk is busy with other shoppers. So how hard can it be, I will just browse through every CD in the rack. There can't be that many one-word titles, and surely I will recognize it when I see it. In fact, if I just let my eyes glaze in the general direction of the CDs, surely it will JUMP out at me.

I made it to the "P"s before I gave up. Now there are two clerks at the desk. I approach the younger, hipper looking one, and say in response to his "can I help you?" query -- "I am approaching you as the professional [that won me a smile] - there was this song playing 3 songs ago ...." The professional interrupted me "from Once?" "YES! Do you have the soundtrack?" [really - he got it in one. I didn't need to provide any additional information. He was good.]
So we wander back to the Show Tunes area, and lo and behold, I did NOT miss it in my search - they are out of it. But, says my tall, dark and oh-so-professional clerk, we have their album, which isn't the soundtrack but it has the main songs from the movie. Sure, I say, show me that! And that, my friends, is how I spent the first money on a (non-holiday) CD for myself in many, many years.
I listened to it on the way home, and I so do not regret spending the money. Their music has almost a hypnotic quality to it. Probably shouldn't listen to it while driving.
Falling Slowly is the song from the movie that won an Oscar. I adore it. (oh - and now I know their names are Glen and Marketa. I'll have to tell my mom.)


Mama Ava said...

Holy crow, get an iPod. Then you can get a buttload of songs from iTunes, and only the ones you want. It's absolutely awesome and that's coming from someone who never ever bought music until I had one. And now, thanks to Calandria and Dooce, I'm $40 poorer but 40 Christmas songs richer this week.

My favorites--Bare Naked Christmas by the Bare Nake Ladies. How fun is the title? And it's got kind of a folk-y sound with a bit of a Celtic overtone. And Stin's song Gabriel's Message...very Sting sounding.

Oh, and that song the Whos sing at the end of the Grinch. I love that.

I never thought I'd love my iPod as much as I do. It was worth every penny (that my brother and sister paid)!

Jeannie said...

Cute song, I'll have to check out the movie some time...and I agree...get an iPod!!


Karen ~ said...

Umm, I have an iPod.

It has about 4 songs on it.

I have never listened to it.

Yes, yes, I know.


Mama Ava said...

The thing that got me going was getting the speakers--then after I was robbed and my stereo was stolen, they really came in handy. This week we've had music on instead of tv and computers and it's been so peaceful. It takes up so much less space than a stereo, and then if we go on a roadtrip I can plug it into the car. I'm not one to listen to it while I'm just sitting or walking around. But I love it.

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