Saturday, December 27, 2008

A few Christmas memories

Well, Christmas is done for another year ... all in all, this year was absolutely wonderful! We had a bit more relaxed schedule this year, which made everything run more smoothly - it kept Mama happy, since, as everybody knows, when Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy! We celebrated with one side of the family the Sunday before Christmas, then had just the 4 of us on Christmas Eve as we always have done, and then celebrated with the other side of the extended family on Christmas Day.

Both boys were quite pleased with their gifts - lots of Legos, DVDs, books, and gift cards (which they have already used on more Legos. You can just never have enough.)
My knitting projects were well-received, though I have absolutely learned my lesson - I will never, ever brag again about my projects. Right after I wrote that post (earlier in December) things started to go downhill. The pair of mittens I was making for my Dad got too small in the shrinking process, so I had to start over, and the new ones gave me all kinds of trouble - I had to do the left mitten twice, and then when I shrunk them they didn't shrink the same! But ... on Christmas Day my Dad tried on the original ones (which I was sure were too small) and they fit perfectly. So I guess all's well that ends well.
Here's the mitten before,
and then both mittens, after.

I made felted bags for my SIL and my niece (shown here) that they really liked. And no sizing issues to worry about! And I made nesting bowls for my mom, but never got a photo of them.

The menu was great, the company wonderful, the holiday magical. Hope your was, too!

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shawn said...

looks like your family had a wonderful time!! Love all the stuff you made.. The bags are great!! the mittens fab!!!
And love the hats from the crackers!!

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