Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's all about Christmas

This weekend is devoted to holiday shopping, baking, planning, and yes, cleaning. We will have the family here on Christmas Day - and that's only 10 people, but still, it's 10 people! And my house is not really designed for 10 people to spend extended periods of time together in one room, but we will focus on the cozy part and ignore the claustrophobia part.

Today we take the dogs to get their holiday "do's" and I can't wait to see them looking all pretty!

While I am off running errands - wishing I wasn't doing this on a Saturday when everyone else and their brother was out, too, here's one of my favorite carol renditions, for your viewing enjoyment.

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Dawn said...

oooh, thanks for that it, absolutely love that version with bing and bowie...

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