Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Today has been a good day - I've gotten a lot done and am feeling back like we are going to make this a good holiday after all!

Ben did a lot of gift-wrapping today and I was so proud of him - he did an amazing job. He apparently inherited the gift-wrapping gene from my father. The goal is to make a gift which looks, sounds, and feels NOTHING like what it really is. Props can be added for sound effects or to disguise the weight, unusually-shaped containers are called into use, and (of course) the more tape, the better. I got teary-eyed just watching him.

Here's another favorite of mine ... Happy Holidays!!

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shawn said...

OH I love that he can make it appear nothing like it is.. me, I am happy when a box looks like a box, and the wrap is all smooth.. and the paper is cute just perfect!!
hope you have a great season!!!
Happy Christmas!!

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