Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Review

Wow - break the daily habit and it gets really hard to think of anything to write at all. I keep wondering why no one is commenting and then realize it might have something to do with me not posting.

The weekend was relaxing. on Friday Shawn and I went to a warehouse book sale and found a few good bargains. We both agreed, though, that the selection was not as good as it has been in years past. Neither of us could come anywhere close to spending $50 to be able to use our $10 off coupons.

Saturday I spent almost all day knitting or talking about knitting or thinking about knitting. The Knitting Queen, Lisa (who, rumor has it, has recently opened a yarn shop in St. Paul) and I went to Needlework Unlimited - a first for me, and unfortunately, it won't be my last visit. It's an addicting kind of shop. And then we had lunch at the Convention Grill (burger & a malt, need you ask?) before coming back to my house to put our feet up, get our needles out, and get to work.

They left late afternoon and I sat and continued knitting until midnight ... no, make that 1AM as Miss Congeniality 2 came on at 11, and I certainly couldn't go to bed in the middle of that, now, could I? Got two projects done and a good start on a third. No pictures, though, as they will all be Christmas gifts.

Yesterday I actually took the dogs to the Dog Park for a short, brisk walk. Emphasis on brisk. That wind chill factor really takes its job seriously.

Today, being Monday, I will actually do some work. Though the yarn sirens are particularly powerful this morning. And I will try to come up with something more interesting than my schedule to write about.


Ave said...

I'd like to learn to knit, but I see knitting as a puzzle, and I stink at puzzles.

Mama Ava said...

I always think book warehouse sales are never that good. Considering they have tons of books, why can't I ever find something I'm interested in reading?

My mother is a lighning knitter. She's left handed but knits right-handed, but when she tried to teach me, I was just horrible. Sewing, knitting, needlepoint--I guess I CAN do all of them, but they're really really raggedy looking. I don't have the gift. I'm just glad I'm not in the pioneer days--I'd never have caught a husband and they'd probably have left me beside the road as everyone else went on West.

Larue said...

The Convention Grill is my very favorite spot to eat in MN. I spent many hours in my formative years there having fries and a malt. The Chick at Cheap But Not Easy can attest to this.

And Needlework Unlimited is really great. Rosemary is an excellent teacher, and she is featured in the Monica Ferris mystery books about MN.

I wish my dog got along with others, as it would be fun to go to a dog park.

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