Friday, December 05, 2008

Snow Village

When Ben was a baby, we started collecting snow village pieces. We have always gone for things like the construction vehicles, the gas station, the garbage truck, the house under construction ... no churches, park benches or flower shops for us! We have a manly snow village! Over the years we have slowed down on acquisition of new pieces because we simply don't have room for many (any?) more.

But this year the boys each got me two new "accessory" pieces. A few years ago (after we got Colby) we got the dog walker and a dog house. Yesterday they gave me a new dog piece:

How cute is that?!? And those clever boys also got me another new piece, one that I had never, ever seen before:In case you can't read it, her bags say "Crafts & Yarn." Is that perfect or what?!?

We haven't started setting up the village yet; it will have to wait until Monday, I think. But I have all weekend to look at my new puppy and knitter and be excited!


Jeannie said...

Adorable! Luv the kitty jumping on the yarn!


shawn said...

Love those.. the boys did great!!
Thanks for a great day...

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