Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Only a few hours remain in this year. The boys and I are going to sit down in a bit and make some resolutions for the coming year, but I am getting a head start here. There isn't anything earth-shattering (though I suppose I could work on coming up with something that isn't predictable if I try, just for fun.)

Here goes.

1. It's looking very likely that we will be moving in 2009 (wanting a house with a yard and all that), so I resolve to sort through all the STUFF that I moved here, and SIMPLIFY by only keeping what is truly needed and/or important.

2. Today I signed up for a class at Nutritional Weight and Wellness, because I am feeling the combined effects of my age and my weight, and it's time to do something about it. I resolve to make my health a top priority in the coming 12 months.

3. "If you're gonna write a book, Mom, you actually have to write." I resolve to actually write in 2009.

I think that's all I am going to commit to at this time ... actually I think that is PLENTY to commit to at this time.

Happy New Year!


shawn said...

OK, I am impressed.. I don't make resolutions..
Good luck with all of those things..

Calandria said...

Wow! Karen, we have the same top three resolutions! I spent the morning cleaning out the basement. It will take several trash pick ups to get rid of it all.

Karen ~ said...

Cool, we can keep each other honest and on track :-)

Christy said...

Let me know when you want to walk in 2009, I'm always up for it!!!

Jeannie said...

I'm sure you're going to do great with all of these things considering it sounds like you've devoted yourself to them already!

Good luck!


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