Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tootin' My Own Horn Again

I cannot TELL you how badly I want to post pictures of what I am knitting these days!!! I have been working on Christmas presents for family members who tell me they do read this, so I can't put pictures up. But let me assure you, I am impressing myself :-)

Honestly, it's really not bragging. I am as amazed as anyone when I put knitting needles together and move the yarn back and forth and then at the end - WOW, how in the WORLD did it turn into something so cute? I truly believe it's magic. And I know other knitters who say the same thing. For my most current project I had to learn something new (to me) called "short rows." Big leap of faith for me to just do what the pattern says, even though it did not make one iota of sense to me until I had done 8 of them (then, suddenly, the light bulb went on.) But hey, follow instructions I did, and now?


The magic did not let me down.

I'll take the pictures now, and post them on December 26.

Today, holiday gifts. Tomorrow, the world.


shawn said...

OH.. I will just have to pop over to see what it is you are making then... dec 26 is a LONG way away...

Larue said...

I have to check back too. Seriously - all I can knit are scarves. I haven't the patience (or short term memory) for anything else.

Mama Ava said...

Is that the world's largest ball of yarn?


lisajoan said...

way to go Karen! I KNEW you could do short rows!!! Can't wait to see the outcome of your bold move!

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