Sunday, January 04, 2009

Where my mind's at

I haven't been posting much lately ... haven't even been tempted, because I have been obsessed with looking at houses. The boys & I decided we are ready to move to a single-family dwelling complete with a fenced-in yard for dogs and children to run and play in. Since I have one friend who is a realtor and another who owns a mortgage company, I have been in contact with both and hopefully we will be moving soon!

We will stay in the same community for ease of access to family, friends, and school, and we are all a bit giddy at the thought of not sharing walls with neighbors.

Tomorrow morning I am going to go look at a couple more houses - both are foreclosure houses, so priced low - but I won't know until I go inside how much neglect occurred prior to the bank taking over. I'm not afraid of working on the house, though, if the structure is good and I like everything else about it.

And - just in case you are thinking ahead, all you wonderful friends who helped us move last time - this time I am hiring a company to move the big stuff. Promise!


Calandria said...

Wow! That is big news. This does seem like a good time to buy.

Jeannie said...

If I could I would get in on a foreclosure deal myself. I luv looking at houses - good luck!

Peace and Luv,

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