Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Offer

I think I am about to make an offer on another house. My realtor is doing a bit more research this afternoon, but if all goes as planned we will submit the offer first thing tomorrow morning.

This house is in a great location and does need some work done on it, but it's a bit hinky in that it's in the beginning stages of foreclosure and as such there are all kinds of things to be taken into consideration, as well as a lot of (hopefully just for now) unanswered questions. I'm feeling quite hopeful, but am tempering my optimism with the realistic knowledge that this is not the last house that will ever look this good to me.

So ... more news (maybe) tomorrow!

UPDATE Friday: I put in my offer this morning. Because of the unique situation (not quite in foreclosure but almost), the offer goes to the actual owners first and then to the bank and they both have to sign off on it. So it may take a week or two for me to hear back. Plenty of time for me to pull all my hair out in impatience.


Calandria said...

is it on send me a link!

Jeannie said...

Hope they accept it!!


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