Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More from Dreamland

The last two nights I have had quite a few short dreams that have been rather vivid. I even had one dream where I was worrying about remembering my dreams so I could blog about them.

Here's last night's drama ...

It was winter, with a little snow on the ground, and I was with a group of people - parents and children - where the children were going to have their first duck-hunting experience. One set of parents brought along an already shot duck so that when their daughter shot randomly into the sky, the dad then threw the duck out and she found it, certain that she had shot it. [picture the scene, though - about a dozen kids with rifles shooting straight up into the air, then running madly around looking to see if any birds fell on the ground.] She picked it up and brought it back to her parents who praised her aim with the rifle profusely. The duck was most certainly not dead, and in fact looked quite lively, then suddenly we were in a hospital and the duck was a baby-sized woman [a la Benjamin Button] and the nursing staff was sneaking it away from the family so that someone else could adopt it and let it live. Then suddenly Paul & Jamie Buchman [of Mad About You, one of my favorite TV shows of its era] were there talking about their likes and dislikes, and I assumed they were the ones who were going to take this orphan. And I realized that I was actually on the set of Grey's Anatomy, and it hit me -- none of this was real after all, I was just somehow on TV.


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Larue said...

But did you get kissed by McSteamy, is the REAL question.

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