Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random tidbits

There have been a number of things that have happened lately to me or around me or that I have noticed and thought "that would make a good blog post." But then I get lured (dragged) back to the kitchen to work on wallpaper removal, or something like hungry children distracts me, and then I forget.

At one point I did start making a list, though, to remind myself - but now it just seems like way too much work to actually develop each of them into individual posts, so instead I am going to just share this list with a few pithy comments.

1. Dick Cheney attending the inauguration in a wheelchair. KARMA, buddy, it's starting.

2. Inkheart, the movie -- Ty won 4 free tickets to a preview showing of the movie starring Brendan Fraser, and the 4 of us went (yes, Steve, too) and we all really enjoyed the film. It's a fantasy-suspense-little bit of love-story with a strong young girl, a dashing young boy, a cute animal, and 2 separate married couples who are trying desperately to get back together with one another through the magic of books. Oh, and Helen Mirren is in it - so you know it has to be good.

3. Missionaries -- two strangers knocked on my door last Wednesday; an older man and a youngish woman (who clearly was the mentee as she said basically nothing, but smiled a lot.) He had a Bible in his hand and after greeting me, he visibly contorted his face into a sorrowful one and said, "with all the happenings in our world right now, do you ever find yourself thinking God is mad at us and is punishing us?" I could not help myself from laughing and I responded "NO WAY! After yesterday, I believe God is BEAMING down at us with pride and joy!!!" It clearly took him aback to have me respond so forcefully and cheerily, and he valiantly tried again to bring me down "but there are bad things happening, don't you think He is angry?" "Nope," I said with a big smile, "I don't think that at all!" He realized the futility of his effort and told me to have a nice day, and they left.

4. Around the inauguration I read incredible testimonies from Democrats and Republicans alike who were caught up in the hope and promise of a new era for our country. I was amazed at how many people wrote about the positive feelings they were having, whether they had voted for Obama or not. My heart was warm, and full, and both excited and content. But I did find a couple of nay-sayers, as well, but what struck me was even those who professed NOT to be caught up in all the hoopla were hard-pressed to find something to complain about. A couple said the enthusiasm would wane after the fun of the parties, one tried to dismiss the inauguration speech because a professional writer assisted the President in composing it, and one complained that "all those jobs" Obama was talking about creating "might not be the sorts of jobs" she was interested in having. I just have to giggle a little. That's the worst I saw! And that ain't much :-)

5. Seat Heaters -- oh wait, that was important enough in my life to make me sit down and write an entire post already!

6. Kitchen progress. I promise to find my camera cable today and post some pictures!

There, now you are all caught up with my life. Have a good day!


shawn said...

Nice to know that other stuff is happening in your life other than jsut getting the Town House ready for the market..
Love what you did to the 2 people who dare knock on your door.. hee hee hee!!!
gotta still love the butt warmers..
and I too loved the movie!!

Calandria said...

On number three--Good for you!!!

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