Friday, January 09, 2009

The roller coaster continues

Well, no sleep last night. I dutifully lay in my bed for the requisite 8 hours, but I don't think Mr. REM visited me. I gave up at 4:30 and got up, totally confusing the dogs (Chamaco is a dog who rivals babies in his need for routine. He starts whimpering and fussing around 11:00 each night, going up to the bedroom and circling back to me - sitting at my computer, most likely - clearly saying 'MOM! It's time for BED!' So getting up 2 hours early was not a welcome change in routine for him. He's still giving me confused glances.)

Anyway, until I hear if my offer was accepted, I know I will be on pins and needles. And just between you and me, I can see benefits to either outcome. If I get it, it will be the bargain of the decade. The house is a foreclosure house [an aside which will probably evolve into its own post; I have been looking almost exclusively at foreclosure houses and while some of them are in terrible shape and it's easy to walk through them without thinking too much, some of them are really nice and my heart goes out to the former owners who had to leave.] so it is much more house for the money than I could normally hope to afford. If I get it, though, I am committing to quite a bit of work -- first the move, which I guess is coming regardless of whether it's to this house or another -- and then the move IN, which will involve some work done quickly (the room that would be Ty's is pink right now, I promised him that would be the very first room we paint.) (If we get it.) and then some work done more slowly, after serious consideration.

On the one hand, I get to design a kitchen!

On the other hand, I have to design a kitchen!

You see why I couldn't sleep?

I am planning a very full day today to hopefully keep me from obsessing on what could be happening in those offices behind-whose-doors-I-cannot-see, amongst those people who make these decisions. I'll keep you informed!

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Christy said...

Fingers crossed and positive energy flowing your way...

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