Sunday, January 11, 2009

And now for your dining pleasure

My dreams were creative last night, as well. This whole moving thing has my imagination running wild! Last night I was in New York City, with my friend Diane. We had to "run over there" for an hour or so to accomplish some errand of hers. Since we were going to be there such a short amount of time, I didn't tell my friend Jessica, who lives there, that I was in town. Of course, as fate would have it, we literally ran into her on the sidewalk. She looked terrific, wasn't mad at me for not calling, and had cut her hair really, really short (which in real life she would never do.)

Turned out that we were on the sidewalk just outside her family's restaurant. Her 7 brothers and 3 sisters (IRL she has a large family, but I don't know the number of her siblings, nor do I think any of them are chefs) ran the restaurant, which was trying to make a name for itself with its authentic, hand-made pasta. (for the record this family is from the Dominican Republic. I haven't ever heard that Dominican pasta is superb, but maybe?) The restaurant, unfortunately, wasn't doing too well, so there was plenty of time for me (I don't know what happened to Diane) to flirt with all of Jessica's cute brothers.


I was lounging on the couch, talking with her sister, when suddenly I noticed (A) I was wearing a very short denim mini-skirt, and (B) I apparently had not shaved my legs in about 2 years.

The dream ended with my feelings of embarrassment and complete mortification.

Anyone out there who can tell me what this all means?


LaRue said...

So many options - think I will leave this one alone. We should definately have a day in Blog-Land where everyone posts about their weirdest dream. That would be fun.

Barb said...

I wish I could remember my dreams, Usually, it's something directly linked to something in real life but with an odd twist. But as soon as I wake up, they're gone. Everyone in my family has these incredibly complicated dream lives... but not me. It's very rare for me to remember them and I NEVER know what they mean.

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