Wednesday, January 14, 2009


People have been emailing me asking what, exactly, I have been working on this week on the house to prep it for the market. So here goes:

Kitchen: Removal of the blue flowered wallpaper that my mother thought was pretty. Found out when we started scraping that my father wallpapered OVER the previous owner's ivy wallpaper (because he did not want the job of removing it) so we had to remove two layers of very professionally (and thoroughly) glued-on paper. I still have to finish up above one door, and then all the walls need a final washing to get the glue residue off, but then it'll be ready -- to paint. The kitchen part will be painted a rich terracotta burnt red, and the eating area a corresponding lighter color (the top of the same paint sample swatch.)

Basement: Total and thorough cleaning of the laundry area (who cleans all that dust and dryer lint from behind the washer & dryer on a regular basis? I bet this is the first time it's been done here in a long time.) Removal (and lawful disposal) of the leftover paint from 2+ owners ago. Repair of nail holes in bathroom walls in preparation for full bathroom repainting (ceiling - nice white, walls, a kind of light khaki-ish green.) Family room & office - general decluttering.

Living & Dining room - new carpet, yet to be selected.

Upstairs: Bathroom - new faucets, new light fixture, total new painting (cover up the peachy-orange my mom liked with celery green walls, and chocolate brown for the vanity cabinet), then new towels, window covering, and shower curtain (going for a spa-like feel!) Bedrooms -- Ty & I need to switch, so that I have the biggest bedroom. I was going to repaint, but my mom talked me out of it (perhaps, given the fact that much of the work I am doing to the house is to cover up her decorating choices, I ought not to have allowed myself to be persuaded. But, one less room to paint -- that's a powerful argument for agreeing with her.) Instead, I went to TJ Maxx and am SO excited about the linens I found on clearance (one of the things I had in my cart was $39.99 -- until I saw a second, identical one behind it for $29.99 - SCORE!!) In Ben's room the only (ha! understatement) thing that has to be done is PICK UP THE LEGOS. I may have to bring up the snow shovel.

My parents left this morning, and are returning on the 24th - so that gives me 10 days to WOW them with all the changes and clean-up. Then, hopefully, the house will be listed right around that same time. Anyone who knows anyone looking for a terrific townhouse in a high-quality community in a desirable neighborhood -- give me a call!


Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

Sounds like great plans - I can't wait to see the finished projects!!

Jeannie said...

Have fun somehow amongst all of the chaos - it will be well worth it!!


Vicky said...

I am currently removing two layers of wallpaper in my bathroom. The second layer, I didn't discover until I started the removal process. What. A. Nightmare!

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