Friday, January 23, 2009

Great news! (not about a house)

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery. Well, actually I didn't make the discovery. It was sort of a joint-effort between my mom and my dad.

Before I go any farther with this story, though, let me just say for the record that with all the cold weather we have had lately, one thing I have truly envied others is a car with a driver's seat that heats up. How luxurious would that be? In Minnesota it's really not even a luxury, it should be mandatory on all vehicles.

So anyway. My mom just celebrated a birthday (on inauguration day!) and I know she doesn't really want me talking about her age here. But I can safely say that menopause is not a daily issue for her any more. So we are driving ... um, well, somewhere, I can't remember where. Oh yeah, we were out looking at another house (more on that later.) And on the drive home she starts saying she is getting really hot. Specifically, a certain part of her anatomy is getting really hot.

She asks how to turn off the seat heater but I tell her I do not have seat heaters in my car. She insists I must, I insist I don't - I have had this car for quite a while now, and given my envy of those whose cars have that feature, I think I would know. My dad, acting as negotiator, asked for the car manual. He triumphantly reads, on page 42, that the controls for the SEAT HEATERS are on the lower level of the center part of the dashboard. We all look to the designated location, and sure enough, NO controls on my car.

HA. I knew I didn't have seat heaters.

So when we stop later, my mom says she has to trade seats with my dad (in the backseat) because she can't stand the heat any more. I roll my eyes and tell her since the heat is INTERNAL, switching seats is not going to help anything.

(fast forward a bit) My now-sitting-in-the-front-seat dad, tinkerer that he is, starts poking around and feeling under the seat, by the side of the seat, on the door, the dashboard, the glove compartment, etc.

And. He finds a switch. He tells me where it is, and sure enough, I have one on my seat, too.

I push it.

My seat heats up.

I HAVE SEAT HEATERS IN MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my mom isn't even mad at me.


Calandria said...

Great story! And a wonderful discovery this time of year.

Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

Wow that's fantastic but you left the details on looking at a house??

shawn said...

I love my seat heaters.. in fact.. I hate riding in Pat's newer nicer truck in the winter because it doesn't have heaters..
I really hate to admit it.. but there are some cooler spring and summer mornings that I will use the heaters too...
I keep telling Pat that I will NEVER have a car that doesn't have heaters again!!!
BUT.. doesn't your butt feel good????

Larue said...

I LOVE mine. I had a minivan wihtout any for 4 years and wound up breaking down and buying portable ones. The best thing about the new minivan is that the first AND second row seats have them.

Did they not show you the seat heaters when you bought the car?

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