Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Freaking out here

This coming Monday is high school orientation. I am really not ready for this. I mean, I am ok with my oldest entering high school next year. What I am not prepared for is the level of analysis which seemingly is to be done prior to course selection. It appears from everything I am frantically trying to read RIGHT NOW that the choices we make on Monday will affect the absolute rest of his life. Now, I know that is not true - but I am seriously concerned about the system which is perpetuating this idea, because it sounds like if we back off and refuse to buy into the game, we may have some options removed - or significantly difficultized (you know what I mean) in the future which could make things more complicated. So I either have to QUICKLY get up to speed on the game NOW, or pay the piper later. And I just don't have time right now!!! Why must they set their schedule based on their own convenience instead of realizing that some of us parents out here have other things going on in our lives and frankly would prefer to do this in the middle of the night maybe in June after the townhouse is sold and the new house in bought and moved into and the painting and bathroom remodels are done and everyone is calmer and has more time to think about these things yeah, why don't they do THAT for us?!?


Christy said...

yeah, why don't they? :)

Calandria said...

I know what you're saying. A few friends have told me that course selection for high school is a nightmare. Our school hasn't sent out ANY information on this, so I suppose I should investigate it myself.

Mama Ava said...

Yes, but what they DON'T tell you is that freshman really don't have that many options. When I worked in Eden Prairie, the high school coursebook was bigger than my college coursebook! But most 9th graders take a standard set of classes. You can decide to take band or choir, or defer your phy. ed. until later, or choose the foreign langauge, but you don't have that many options for choosing your core classes. And often, if your child takes band or choir, or has an accelerated class, their schedule is built around those classes, so it falls into place pretty easily.

It's not like college where you have to keep an eye on how many credits you're earning or if you have enough credits in one area.

Don't fret, sweetie.

Jeannie said...

My BF is a high school Career and Technical Development teacher in Scottsdale and I could tell you stories that would blow your mind!! Good luck and I know you'll make the right choices!


premenopaws said...

Yup, been through this and it can be overwhelming. But as mentioned above, freshmen just don't have that many options. Mine took band to get his fine art credits, and Spanish to get foreign language, which pretty much any college now requires. Beyond that it was all core required classes, with minor choices as to whether you take regular or accelerated or honors versions.

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