Saturday, January 24, 2009

House Update

I have been silent about house news lately because I don't want to jinx anything. I put in an offer over a week ago, and am waiting to hear. It's a bit of a complicated situation as the owners still technically own the property, but it's on its way to foreclosure -- so both the owner and the bank have to approve my offer, and for the offer to be approved by the bank I have to have proof of pre-approved financing, and to have that - since I am self-employed - I have to have my taxes done, so I have been scrambling to get all my financial paperwork in order and I met with my tax guy - whom I adore, if anyone is looking for tax help in the Twin Cities call Bill at Bergstrom Tax - and now the status is that I should be able to pick up my tax paperwork on Monday, get it to the mortgage company - another group I adore, please call them if you need mortgage anything (though I don't know if they have a website, I don't see one, so just let me know and I will give you their info) - who will then send the letter of approval to my realtor, who will forward it to the bank, who may or may not take time to actually read it, and if they do, may or may not approve the offer, because the owner has already accepted it but they are truly the minor players in this whole scheme.

So. If you were able to follow that brilliantly constructed sentence, give yourself a gold star.

The upshot is, I still don't know anything. Rumor has it there is at least one other offer in place, I am told that banks tend to drag their feet, and heck, the color of ink used to sign the papers may affect the outcome, too.

I'll let you all know when I know more!

And PS, can I say again for the record, I am LOVING my seat heater.

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shawn said...

I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you on the house..
AND for the RECORD.. I had to drive Pat's truck to River Falls this morning.. WITHOUT my beloved butt warmers....

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