Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When did TV become so central in my life?

This week is a bit tough for me. Dancing With the Stars has a 3-episode season premiere. THREE EPISODES. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I missed all of Monday, since I forgot it was coming, and I only saw part of last night. I really wanted to see Cloris Leachman dance. I mean, that woman is OLD and unlike many Hollywood aging divas, she apparently is doing nothing to hide it. So I hope she is still in there when I finally do get to see an episode!

Then Thursday is the premiere of Survivor. Recent seasons of this show have not been up to the standards the producers pulled us in with at the beginning, but I am a diehard and can't abandon the show now. They are back in Africa this year - which will be interesting, as the only other time they were in Africa (Kenya, close to where I went last year) is widely seen as the worst season ever.

Also on Thursday is the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. This is season 5, and thanks to my friend Diane, I have been able to watch the previous 4 seasons on DVD over the past couple of months.

Amazing Race starts on Sunday. This has become probably my favorite show, because I get such enjoyment out of seeing where they go. Last year they filmed two episodes in the tiny African nation of Burkina Faso, and I actually know someone who lives there right now (Peace Corps volunteer) so HOW COOL WAS THAT? I am very eager to see what route they take around the world this season.
So who has time to work, parent, clean or cook?


Mama Ava said...

We just watched the opening of The Amazing Race--Asia. It was fun--I wish I could figure out when the next episode comes on again!

shawn said...

Did you already talk about House??? and then there is the new show The Mentalist.. so much tv, so little time...

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