Thursday, September 04, 2008

Have to do it

I just have to do this.

Palin: I am an advocate for children with special needs.
Reality: she cut Alaska's education budget for children with special needs by 62%.

Palin: I have experience with executive power.
Reality: both her time as mayor and her time as governor have been plagued with investigations into her misuse of the executive power she held.

Palin: I said "no thanks, we will build our own bridge"
Reality: She is on record as supporting and working for the "bridge to nowhere" until it became a fiscal impossibility and a national joke.

Palin: I am a fiscal conservative
Reality: When she left the office of mayor, she had brought Wasilla from a having a balanced budget when she was elected, to having one with over $20 million in long-term debt.

McCain: She leads the largest state in the nation
Reality: Geographically, yes. Population-wise, Alaska is 47th out of 50. Governing wide expanses of empty land isn't exactly a prerequisite here.

What baffles me is that the GOP continues to put forth the same arguments even after investigative reporting is showing them to be untrue. Yet people are believing them, and I know that not all Republicans are idiots.

However, there is one thing I can still say about her that I like:
Palin: I sold that gubernatorial jet on eBay.
Reality: yes, she did.


Calandria said...

Did you see her little daughter slick down the baby's hair with a palm full of spit? That was priceless.

shawn said...

Did she say anything about family values?? Or better to just stay away from that one...
Reality... I am not qualified to help run the country.. Don't vote for me!!

Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

Amen sister - again, they have yarn in Canada so if McCain wins - I'm heading North....

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