Friday, September 05, 2008

It's my blog and I'll continue if I want to

I found myself hesitating to write more about Sarah Palin. Would people think "enough is enough"? Am I making too much of it? Do people really want to read more about what I think?

Then I reminded myself - I actually thought the words ... Hey - this is MY blog, I can write what I want to. Each day I find myself thinking more about the Palin selection, and as more untruths come out (the plane actually was listed on eBay, it just didn't sell on eBay, but the speech was pretty carefully worded to make it sound like it did. And to what point? The important part of that story was that she sold the plane. Why mess it up by implying it was an eBay sale? Why mess it up except to try and paint an image that is turning out to be more than a little shady and untrustworthy.)

So here goes. And actually I am not "writing" - I am copying. An article, The Mirrored Ceiling, was written by NYT columnist Judith Warner (and I do believe she is a writer I have had issues with in the past, to give full disclosure ..), and what I am copying here is actually one of many, many comments written in response to that article. Hopefully the author, one 'Steve M.' won't mind my posting his words here (my emphasis added):

Thank you for this post. You are spot on about how the Palin nomination reeks of condescension, to women and to the voters she is hoped to attract. It also seems like Palin and her defenders seek to have it both ways. No one, not even the Republican talking heads, has argued that Palin was chosen because she truly was the best qualified candidate, female or male. A crafty political choice, but not one based upon absolute merit. She was chosen because of her ability to play on the needs and fears of target voters and for the possibility that these voters could relate to her. Her status as a mother and spouse are front and center to this. Yet the very qualities for which she was chosen and make her a compelling nominee are supposed to be considered off limits to discussion. She is a mother, but don’t call attention to how she plans to handle the demands of her infant son. And don’t poke around asking what it means that her daughter will join the ranks of pregnant teens this year.

Republicans expect everyone to smile and nod their heads approvingly, even when the family trotted out for photo ops includes the shotgun son-in-law to be. Palin’s life is complicated and her decision to put herself in the limelight for such transparently political reasons means that everything deserves to come under scrutiny.

I agree completely with Mr. M.


shawn said...

I found it "funny" that everyone EXCEPT for Sarah Palin is saying that she was NOT brought in for the Hillary votes.. I heard her (Sarah) say that yes she was brought in for the Hillary votes.. So who do we believe on this one?? um... DUH!! She was brought in for the Hillary votes!! I can't see why else ANYONE would have someone with nothing more than president of the PTSA as a qualification!!
Which means only that I too could be a VP canidate!!
OH, right, not a republican!!

Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

Keep it up, I support you - maybe because I usually agree with - but I appreciate your comments - so keep 'em comin'

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