Friday, September 12, 2008

WARNING: Time waster ... bring kleenex

Well, I have just successfully wasted about 40 minutes looking at the website "Cake Wrecks." And I have laughed so hard and so loud that the dogs actually moved away from me, the crazy lady with tears in her eyes.

Here are a couple of samples ... and these are all from professional cake decorators - the author verifies before posting ...
One of her favorite topics is the writing that is done on cakes. She has a "thing" about misuse of quotation marks, and also loves it when the decorator follows the directions a bit too closely, like in this instance:

And then there are the cakes that just make you go "huh???" Like this one. What occasion could possibly call for a sheet cake filled with mohawked, naked babies riding carrots?
Truly a fun way to put some laughter back into your life if current events are getting you down!

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shawn said...

I love this site.. it's great.. I mean are they trying to be stupid??
I could make some comment here that would be so wrong..

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