Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What if it were Stan instead of Sarah Palin?

Calandria made a comment on my Sarah Palin post that she wonders if people would react the same if it were a man, instead of a woman, in this position.

Personally, I would, and I think a lot of others would, too. When you become a parent, you take on a level of responsibility that I think should take precedence over career moves, however history-making that career move might be.

The VP job is an all-consuming one. The Palin family has a number of issues affecting it right now. I don't find it feasible to believe that both "jobs" can be handled simultaneously. Regardless of which parent is trying to fill which role.

And if this were about being CEO of an international company, or heading up an enormously important task governmental task force, or any other BIG important job, I could certainly say "Well, if she thinks she can do it, more power to her."

But this is for a job that DIRECTLY affects me, my family, my community, my nation. So I am not quite as lenient, I guess.

The more that is coming out about her background, the less the family stuff is going to matter anyway, it sounds like.


Calandria said...

I still don't think most people would bat an eyelash if it were Stan instead of Sarah. I don't think much about how her being VP would effect me and my country because I don't plan on voting for that ticket anyway. (Not that you were ever considering it either. :-))

I just had to come back and say how much I love you. :-) :-) Right before I read your post this morning I went back to that author blog post I kvetched about yesterday. Once in her post and again in the comments she referred to Sarah Palin as a "miserable excuse for a woman." I tried to think of who I would ever refer to as a "miserable excuse for a woman" and I couldn't come up with anyone.

And then I come over to your blog. You probably have lots of political views in common with that author and yet you can express your concerns about Sarah Palin without attacking her personally. You even see her good points. And that's why I love you, Karen. :-) Why can't there be more liberals and conservatives like you in this country?

shawn said...

I think that if it were Stan people would still wonder. Not as much, I mean it is still a good ole boys club.. but I still think that if some of the stuff coming out about Sarah Palin were coming about about a man.. people would still comment.. and they might not be as nice about it.. not sure.. but that is my guess..
And, just like the 2 of you, I guess I don't have to worry about it since I won't be voting for that ticket either..

Mama Ava said...

I think it would matter. People never talk about how being president will affect Obama's parenting. Because she's a woman, there's the presumption that she is more important than her husband when it comes to family. I am not saying that she is or isn't...but no one is assuming her husband will put his professional life on hold to manage a life and a family with a spouse that's a vice president. No one is wondering how Michelle Obama is going to manage raising her children with a husband that won't ever be able to be counted on to be around at any one time.

I think she's an odd choice for so many reasons. I don't think a woman who has just given birth to a disabled child has the time and energy to devote herself to both that child and this job.

But then, I could never understand that John Edwards might have spent a good portion of his wife's remaining years campaigning and then not being around her, either.

I guess being a part of history shoves everything else out of the way.

I guess that's why the likes of us are voters and not candidates.

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