Friday, September 05, 2008

And now for his side of the story

Well, I listened to Mr. McCain last night talk about all the change he will bring to Washington DC. He promises to change all those who have had all the power and who have focused on themselves and their personal issues over the needs of the nation.

Um, ok.

McCain has been in Washington as a Republican for 26 years. He *is* one of "those" people who have held the power for the past 8 years. He *has* voted with the current administration 95% of the time over the past year and a half.

So he's targeting himself as needing to be changed?

Some say that he is "going back" to his "maverick days" where he did argue against the administration. Which implies to me that, if we are to believe that his "maverick days" are the days where he was true to himself and not blindly loyal to the administration, well that means for the past year and a half he has allowed himself to be ...coerced? bought? swayed? to do what someone else (Karl Rove, perhaps?) wants him to do.

So I see two possibilities:

1. He believes change is needed and will work to change the government from the way the current administration is running things, which means for the recent past he has allowed himself to be controlled by the administration (why else would he continually vote with them?)


2. He cannot be controlled by others, he meant to vote the way he did in all of those decisions recently, which indicates that he really isn't going to bring much change.

If number one is true, what's to say he won't be controlled by others again, and if number two is true, the country would be in for Bush 3.0.

I love a quote in the paper today about his speech last night on bringing change to Washington. "Traditionally, it's easier to be the opposition party if you actually are the opposition party."

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