Monday, September 15, 2008

Life Update

Well, a few days with very little typing has relieved the pain in my wrist, so I thought it safe to post an update on all the little things about my life that you may have been wondering about.

First off, the snapping turtle babies ... I did see one baby turtle on a log in the pond near our house, hooray!, but I also saw 5 or 6 flattened baby turtles in the road and driveway near our house, boo. I knew the mama turtle had not chosen a good location for her egg-laying, but had hoped to find a live baby to assist over to the pond area. Didn't happen.

Secondly, TV Mania. As you may recall, I have been watching previous seasons of House and Grey's Anatomy while exercising with my WiiFit. This weekend the boys were with their dad, so it turned into a Grey's Anatomy marathon right here in my own living room, and alas, I regret to say that the tv viewing hours vastly outnumbered the exercise hours. The WiiFit has a little gizmo that tells you to take a rest after one hour of exercise in one day. The DVD has no such message.

Then there is school. The boys continue to do really, really well, and the mom is also finding a balance of things to do with her hours alone in the house all day Monday through Friday. I think the mom is actually fussing more about her lifestyle change than the boys are, even though clearly hers is the less-difficult transition. The mom is just more aware of the transition than the boys are. It is really weird, not knowing what they are doing pretty much every minute of the day.

I hope you are all following along on Carla's adventures in Beijing, I am so enjoying reading about their lives over there, and cannot wait to go visit. I am tentatively planning on the summer of 2010 ... then you will see pictures of ME on the Great Wall. Which I still like thinking is visible from the moon. Facts, schmacts.

And politics. I have been weaning myself off of the news programs as I get a burning feeling behind my eyes when I watch the candidates saying things I know to be lies. How can anyone stand before an audience and repeat things that have been proven to be untrue, but are said with the same zeal they were the first time? I just don't get it and so I can't watch it anymore. No doubt that will change. But for this weekend, I honestly didn't think of the names McCain or Palin more than once or twice ... no obsession right now.

The dogs are great, I wish it would dry up outside so we could go to the dog park one of these days, they need the exercise. Dogs *really* sleep a lot.

And within the next two weeks, what can I say, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Dancing With the Stars all start up again. Gotta love TV.

And PS: I know what I have to do to get people talking. Most of my posts get zero or one comment. But I post a picture of a dark, smoldering MAN, and I get 5 or 6. You people are so shallow.


Mrs. G. said...

What do you think about the Wii? Do you think it's worth the money? Is it really inspiring you to work out? I'm considering a purchase but want to make sure this isn't me just buying then next big thing. I'm known for that.

shawn said...

WHAT??? I POST!!! ALMOST every post!! More on the non pic posts too!!
I went back to the elipical more than the wii fit.. but I still do the wii fit!! Just didn't feel like it was giving me that good work out I needed..
I think that we covered most all of the info last night.. but it's nice to know what else is up with you...

Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

Shallow? Ha! but sex sells, are you really trying to contradict years and years of research on this topic?

Mama Ava said...

Politics requires thoughtful reflection.

Jawdropping good looking men require only a visceral response--the less thought the better.

shawn said...

OH, I agree with both Sue and Carla on those thoughts..
AND... LOVE the new look!!!

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