Monday, September 01, 2008

Final Fair for the Year

Today I went back to the State Fair, for one last walk through the crowded streets filled with the aromas of everything-on-a-stick. And I tried something new.

Chocolate-covered bacon.

Famous Dave's offered it in a cone (just like Sweet Martha's Cookies) and my sister-in-law and I split one order. When I first heard about it (I have to say, it was the most talked-about new food at the fair this year) I was a bit skeptical, but every review I heard or read about it raved. So we did it.

We both agreed that the chocolate was of exceptional quality, and that the mix of sweet and salty was quite pleasant.

But we both also agreed that now, having tried it once, we don't need to ever eat it again.

Goodbye til next year, State Fair!

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shawn said...

It just doesn't sound good.. Nope.. can't even think that I would want to try it.. But then again.. I am NOT a big fair goer.. as you know..

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