Saturday, September 27, 2008

As I get older, I suppose it's inevitable that more and more people I know and care about should be diagnosed with various illnesses. Lately I have just had enough of cancer, though.

It seems to be spreading its net wider and wider in the world, and closer and closer to my life.

And I just want it to stop.

Sorry, it's just on my mind today after a phone call and some emails all relating to this disease. Too many people.

After I wrote and posted the above, I found out Paul Newman died today. Yes, from cancer. What a great man he was. I admire his acting, his philathropy, but most of all his committment to his wife and family.

He was 83, married to Joanne Woodward for 50 years, father of 6. He won awards, and gave away more than $250 million to charity.

New Hollywood wannabes should take a page from his book and be half so good.


shawn said...

I agree with your thoughts.. and I was saddened to hear about Paul Newman as well... It is too bad that young Hollywood doesn't look toward him as an inspiration!

Dawn said...

Cancer is a fact of life these days. We are just lucky (or unlucky as the case may be) to be able to find it easier....I think there may have been a lot in past years, but were just unable to diagnose.
Paul Newman was great and will be missed. Such a gentleman, family man, actor, dad, philanthropist, etc....Was saddened for his loss to the rest of us and those he left behind.

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