Saturday, September 06, 2008


Did anyone watch the Stand Up To Cancer special last night? Hard not to if you watched broadcast TV - how cool was that, that it was on ABC, NBC and CBS all at the same time?

I only saw part of it as we were rushing around here with Friday night stuff, but what I saw had me in tears of compassion as I listened to survivors talk about their own struggles, and family members who had lost someone talk about their lives now, and the celebrities talk about how important it is to keep cancer research going.

Meryl Streep talked about how the March of Dimes began in 1938 and how, through that effort, the vaccine for polio was found. And how no one knew if their dime was the dime that made the difference, but someone's was. So today no one can know if their dollar will be the one that makes the difference in finding a cure for cancer, but someone's will be that dollar.

It was very powerful stuff.

I made a donation, and you can too. Just click here.

My paternal grandmother had breast cancer. My maternal grandfather died from colon cancer. My father has had skin cancer. My great-aunt died from lung cancer. My aunt died from brain cancer. My childhood best friend died from breast cancer. I know about a half-dozen women who are either survivors of breast cancer or who are fighting it right now. My former neighbor is fighting renal cancer right now. And these are just the people who come to mind right away as I sit here typing.

Please, if you haven't already, make a donation to help find the way(s) to stop this disease.

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