Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Look, New Links

Last night, when I should have been in dreamland, I instead decided I was tired of the old look and started playing around. I am not satisfied with this new look, either, as I really want to learn how to make my blog all personalized and pretty, but sometimes change for the sake of change is a good thing.

There are a number of blogs I read quite regularly that have not been listed on my blog, so I have updated that list a bit. Derfwad Manor is one that I added - I have been reading it faithfully for quite some time. Mrs. G. is a teacher who also homeschools and is the creator of the Women's Colony, the retirement community for women, which I actually showcased here a long time ago (long enough that I don't want to dig through my own archives to find it. Follow the link and read it again!) Her opinions and politics mesh nicely with mine, and she is a much, much better writer than I am - I frequently want to just copy one of her posts in its entirety and put it here, but I hear that's frowned upon.

Another one I have been following closely lately is CJane Run. I found this one through a series of haphazard jumps from blogs I read to other blogs those bloggers read, and so on. I found it the day after CJane's sister, NieNie, was in a plane crash, and since then they have gotten international attention as the worldwide blogging community has come together to offer love and support for this family. NieNie is a prolific blogger with a large audience, and now CJane is blogging (as well as caring for 3 of NieNie's 4 children) while NieNie and her husband recover from their critical injuries. One of the things being said about this blog is that it refutes the fear that time on the internet keeps people from connecting with one another. Read CJane's blog for a while and you will feel deeply connected to this family, and also deeply connected to others who read it, too.

Happy reading - and remember, you, too, can spend hours each day sitting at the computer connecting with other women around the world.

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Calandria said...

I like the new look!

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