Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proof Positive

See, if any of you doubted me, I had my people at the Star Tribune check on the Hoffman sighting. You can see my name in print (I could get used to this, being in the paper!) at CJ's column today. (and you notice that I wrote a good section of her column for her, even!) (and for the record, I spelled 'past' correctly in my email to her, the typo [pass] is all hers. Just so you know.)


lisajoan said...

You are supremely cool and well connected! That's twice in 6 months that you've been featured in the Trib, is it not?

shawn said...

OMG.. in the paper again?? Now I can say I know 2 celebs.. And I get to see this one so much more!!! I feel so honored!!!

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