Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Self Portrait

My friend Calandria recently posted some self-portraits (note, I was going to continue by writing "that she took of herself." Duh.) And I admire her for it. But I have tried it before and just have never felt comfortable doing it. Then another friend mentioned to her that she, too, admires her, and doesn't think she could do it - and Calandria replied that she does it partially because it's just fun to take pictures of yourself, but also because now, as an adult, she realizes how few pictures there are of her own mother and grandmother from their "mothering years." I thought how true that is - we have pictures of me before I was married or became a mom, and no doubt there will be pictures of me with my grandchildren, but how many photos exist of me - just me - at the age I am now?

So this one is for Ben & Ty, when they are grown up, seeking photos of their mom as they remember her from their childhood. And I will try to take more, too.


shawn said...

you look good!!!

Calandria said...

Very nice! See, self-portraits are both fun and useful. :-)

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