Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just Say Thanks

I just found out about a cool website, Just Say Thanks, which is sponsored by Xerox and allows any- and everyone to send a postcard to a member of the US military somewhere in the world.

Go send a thank you card - it's quick, easy, free, and what a great sentiment. And tell your friends!

I don't actually allow myself to think a lot about the people serving in our military because I get too emotional. Perhaps that is something I ought not to be admitting here. I can't help but imagine it being my son or my brother or my husband, and I can't even imagine how those left at home can cope. EMail, of course, helps, as compared to years past where soldiers and families had to wait for the regular mail, and IMing and video cams give those serving now a way to stay as close as possible.

But still. Any day, any time, anywhere. You know it. How can you just go on living a normal life? My most fervent prayer is that I never have to find out for myself. And I hope that whenever given the opportunity I do what I can to support those who are living it.

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