Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Clean School!

Yesterday and today we had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed for an article in the Star Tribune on MNVA. We were selected to be interviewed on Monday - and the reporter came on Tuesday, so I had less than 24 hours to get the school area whipped into shape! Tonight I thought I better take a picture of it, as it may never look this good again.

I sit on the purple-cushioned bench, Ben & Ty trade off on the tan office chair and the two IKEA stools. You can even see the screensaver photo of Colby on my computer!

The arrangement is working really well for us this year. We each have room to work individually, yet are close enough together we can help one another as needed. Occasionally Ty will go over and work on the computer on Steve's desk if we all need to be online simultaneously.

The newspaper article comes out on Friday. I can't wait to see what ends up being written, and shown, of our time with the reporter. I'll post the link here when it appears.


Mark and Carla said...

Wow--very impressive--and certainly more "official" than my nook and table in the kitchen! And I'll just simply refuse to believe that it ever looks any different (except, of course, during those times when the boys are furiously--and cooperatively--working)!

Anonymous said...

Neat! Neat as in tidy and neat that you were interviewed. I'm glad they picked you, because I think you would represent MNVA exceptionally well. I look forward to reading the article.

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