Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Big Wedding

Well, on Saturday Tom & Katie are finally getting married. I have to admit I truly didn't think it was ever going to happen. I didn't believe she was pregnant, I didn't believe the baby was Tom's, I didn't believe her family would be unable to talk her out of running as far away from him as fast as she could.

Guess I will never get a job as a Hollywood prophet.

I feel bad for Katie's mom. How would you like to have to keep a smile on your face as your daughter marries a certified nut? Would you? Or would you do everything you could to stop it? We'll never know ... and really, honestly, although I am writing about it here, I certainly don't lose any sleep over this, nor do I really care.

The one piece of info, though, that set off this post, is that Brooke Shields is attending their wedding. Why in the WORLD would she choose to do that? I certainly understand why Tom would want her there, but why oh why would she accept the invitation? I have to think there is some money (or other compensation) involved here. Yes, I am cynical. There is just no other plausible explanation.



Mark and Carla said...

This is what is so disgusting about celebrity-dom and these two in particular. Please get married. But it's a show designed to attract attention, nothing more.

Which is why Brooke Shields is there. Without a doubt it will be tons of fun--a high-class road trip taht any of us would love to take! But the wedding? I doubt that any of the attendees would be able to give more than, "Oh, they're so in love. You can tell. Hope it lasts." I don't believe this segment of society sees marriage as anything more than something you do along life's path.

And while her parents have been portrayed as horrified (and they may very well be) she didn't just fall into the limelight with her nutter boyfriend. After all, she was involved in long-term relationship with a guy before this, and probably lived a life that would raise anyone's middle-class Catholic eyebrows.

Sad, really.

A Peterson Family Member said...

why am I not surprised you know more about this than I?


Mark and Carla said...

Well, I'm not the one who posted it on my blog. I'm just one in Africa who has on my desktop.

Not that I care about this.

Calandria said...

You two crack me up! Your little exchanges are one of my favorite blog reads.

I like to think I care nothing about TomKat but I suppose I have occasionally given them a little corner of my attention. :-) And wondered What on earth? along with everyone else.

Why didn't she go for George? She probably could have got him. Not that his morals are any better than Tom's but when you compare him to Tom in every other respect, well, it's absurd to even MAKE that comparison, isn't it?

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