Monday, November 20, 2006

Birthday Cake!

Each year for the boys' birthdays I make a Checkerboard Cake. Even though I have done it many times, I still get a kick out of how it works! You need two complete cake mixes (or recipes if you go the completely homemade route) and then you make three layers, using a slick plastic insert to keep the flavors from spreading into one another.You remove the plastic insert and pop the layers in to the oven ...When they come out the rings are still there! That's the magic part for me! Put 'em all together with frosting, and when you cut in to the cake each piece is a checkerboad pattern.
Awe-inspiring (and delicious!) every time, if I do say so myself.


Calandria said...

Wow! That is SO cool!

A Peterson Family Member said...

Glad you like it. Every time I take a food photo I think of you :-)

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