Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some day I'll have something other than housing to write about

OK, here is the latest and greatest.

I have just basically ignored the request for the inspection report on the house I withdrew my offer on. I have it kind of in the back of my mind that should I decide to go back to them to try to work a deal, I will have it as a leveraging tool. Right now I am not seeing that happening, but you never know.

The white house - the rambler - I put in my offer Monday morning, and that afternoon got a response that there were multiple offers in and I had 24 hours to submit my "best and highest offer." So I changed my offer by a small amount, and re-submitted it yesterday afternoon. So I expect to hear sometime today, as this is a bank which is motivated to sell their property. My suspicion is that I am bidding against someone who wants to tear down the house and then divide the lot into two. Which could mean that they are going to bid high to be sure to get it, or could mean that they are going to bid low to try and get the best deal possible. And they, of course, have no idea who they are bidding against, either. And none of us know if there are just 2, or if there are more bidders in the game - just that there are "multiple offers."

But I am not stressed about it. Heck, this makes 4 houses I have made offers on in 6 weeks, so I am pretty confident that there will continue to be more houses coming on the market that will be appealing to me, if this one falls through, too.

In the meantime, my townhouse is on the market now and I haven't had a single request to show it. At least 4 people have told me townhouses are 'impossible' to sell right now, and 2 people have asked if I would/could rent it out instead of sell it. Which might be a possibility, depending on what I end up buying.

Lots of options.


shawn said...

well.. 4 houses.. you have it down to a science by now..
It will happen when it is suppose to happen!!
I will keep my fingers crossed.. no matter what

Mama Ava said...

I do like your attitude...people are always looking for their dream home. You've found four of them in six weeks!

I like that. That ability to just move on, confident in what you want/need, knowing that if one doesn't work out, another's on the way.

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