Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night I sent the "withdrawal of offer" to the sellers of that house, and today their realtor called mine and suddenly they want to negotiate. In fact, they wonder if I might email over the inspection report and the estimates I have for the repairs so they can see just what needs fixing.

My first reaction was to be pleased that they are taking the issues seriously now, but then I thought, I paid $400 for that inspection report, and I gave up several hours of my time to get the estimates, and why should I let them reap the benefit from all that I had to buy?

Then I wondered if I am being petty, I have paid the money and it's over and done with.

Please vote - do I send them a copy of the report, or do I refuse? Or something in between?


shawn said...

well... maybe they would be willing to pay for the inspection.. or part of it.. if that is the case, then I would send them the report.. but as you said, you paid $400 and your time.. NOW, if you really like this house.. and they are willing to pay to have things fixed.. But maybe you like this other house better.. What does Scott think???
No help from me.. I know... But I wouldn't want someone to take my advice and then have it turn out sucky... so I am a bit on the fence when it come to things like this..

Calandria said...

If you really like that house compared to the other, go for it. And yes, they should definitely pay for the inspection if they want a copy of it!

Christy said...

I agree with Calandria...if you like it better than the one you just blogged about, then give it a try, and tell them they should split the inspection costs with you if they want the report.

Mama Ava said...

If you are interested in the house, then go back and negotiate. You don't have to give them the report, you can just give them the items that you want addressed for your own needs. I wouldn't share the whole's their realtors job to get that house ready for sale and that realtor's job to know which end is up. But don't stand on pride if you want the house--restate your offer and what you want done. And keep moving on your other options.

Jeannie said...

Either they pay for the repairs (if you still want it) or they pay you for the inspection report. Done.


lisajoan said...

Mr. Mortgage suggests you first check the listing to see if it was noted that an inspection had been performed. If so, they don't need yours. If not, he suggests your "terms" of the deal be that they attached the inspection to the listing going forward. He thinks this will "bring them to the table". and if it doesn't, then you've just Paid It Forward~
GOOD LUCK!! on either/both houses!

Larue said...

GOod luck - I agree with everyone else. And remember - I still have a lovely 4/3 home on the edge of your fine city that is available... ;)

LHBinshi said...

Have they submitted a counter offer? I don't know about sharing any details from the report or the estimates. Those were done for you at your expense. On the other hand, our buyers sent us a copy of the inspection when they asked us to come down, yet again, on the price of our house.
What about totaling the estimates for the work that needs to be done and adding 10 percent? Ask them to come down on the price of the house by that amount. If you have the work done then you control the quality. There's my 2 cents worth.

premenopaws said...

Yup, you owe them NOTHING. This is a business deal. They should pay you $400 if they want the report.

Now, like others have said, if you're still interested in this house, then everything is up for negotiation, including the report. Absolutely send them the estimates for repairs, but I wouldn't share the actual report unless they have a reasonable counter-offer on the table so you know they're serious and not just trying to get it free.

Remember, buyer's market. They want you worse than you want their house. Use that to your advantage.

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