Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to the The-a-tah

This weekend I am hoping to get tickets to see The Miracle Worker, which is being staged at The History Theater in St. Paul. I have seen the movie, read the book, and a few years ago my dad was in a production at the Duluth Playhouse as Helen's father. Now it's being done locally, and I have a cool "virtual connection" to this production. A blogger I follow regularly, Minnesota Matron, is the mom of the girl who plays Helen! So I have been reading about the rehearsals, opening night, and the reviews. It's almost like being a stage mom myself.

If you want to join the boys & me, let me know! We could do dinner before or dessert after.
(photo from The History Theater website. That's Scarlett, being hugged!)


Jeannie said...

I'd would LUV to go but I think the plane tickets would cost too much!! Darn it! ;)

Peace and Luv,

Minnesota Matron said...

Lovely! The Matron (me) will be near the box office for pick up in a black jacket and (gasp) carrying a brown BIG purse. Say hello!! Sorry about the real estate dramas. Have I mentioned I married to (a very good still making money) realtor? I get it! Glad yours lives on the white side of the light.

Minnesota Matron said...

Boo-hoo! I realize that I won't be picking up Scarlett after the show because our next door neighbors are going and they're giving us the transport night off! Rats. I drop her off about 6:45 so if you're there early, I'll have on a brown sort of derby cap and a black jacket! I would love to meet you. I'm thinking of another MN blogger get together, too.

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